Learn everything you need to know to feel free, live happily and abundantly, and feel empowered to co-create with Source a life you love.

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Tap into Your Feminine Divine and Align Your Body, Mind, and Soul.

You are SO ready for this.

Kick overwhelm, stress, and anxiety to the curb. Finally feel free to be your authentic self and enjoy a freedom-filled lifestyle. Live like a Modern Goddess: Strong, Healthy BODY. Clear, Present MIND. Free, Aligned SOUL and SPIRIT.


How can I feel slim, strong, and healthy in my body?


How can I feel calm and more relaxed in such a fast-paced society, where bills are due and work doesn’t fulfill me?


How can I find abundance, freedom, peace and joy in such a toxic world?

By knowing how to create your own, unshakable, divine peace that is there for you on demand, any time, in any situation, WHENEVER YOU NEED IT.

Many women like you are asking the same questions, wondering what is the answer, when they feel frustrated and overwhelmed with life.

Feel bloated and tired all the time? Stuck in a toxic job or relationship? Things spiraling out of control, and you don’t know how to get back on track?

Your life is calling, and the Modern Goddess University has online courses to help you answer the call and feel empowered to find the answers you seek.

Learn to take back control of your life, and feel empowered to live an authentic, free, vibrant lifestyle. Feel strong and healthy in your body. Reclaim your mental clarity and emotional strength, and feel spiritually connected and aligned.

Modern Goddess University – The Answer

At Modern Goddess University, you’ll learn the proven techniques and spiritual life tools for accessing Divine peace within you. And you will learn specific strategies to center yourself so you can achieve your goals in less time, with greater ease by creating from your peace – whether your goal is a leaner, healthier body, the courage to finally ask for the promotion you deserve or the confidence to get out and date.

Reclaim the life you so deserve. Vibrant and strong body health, mental calm and clarity, soul alignment filled with authenticity, peace and purpose. It’s YOUR time to be happy.

The Modern Goddess University offers courses to fit your busy lifestyle.

Choose which course resonates with you.



Our Amazing Courses

Balance Your Chakras | 28 Day Course
Learn the secrets to clear negative energy and balance your chakras in just 28 days.
Jumpstart to a New You | 28 Day Wellness Course
There is a secret to having good health, and it's all about inflammation. The root of all dis-ease is inflammation, which left unchecked, can wreak havoc on your body. It can deplete you of your energy, give you brain fog, keep you from sleeping well at night, and send your hormonal balance into a tailspin. The 28 Day Jumpstart to a New You is about eating foods that reduce inflammation in your body. Nourishing foods that replenish your minerals, soothe your digestion, and help balance your hormones. Your thyroid and adrenals will think you've gone to a spa!
Modern Goddess Blueprint | 12 Week Course
ALIGN YOUR BODY, MIND, & SOUL IN 12 WEEKS In just 12 weeks, learn the Modern Goddess Blueprint, a lifestyle design online course, so you can kick overwhelm, stress, and anxiety to the curb, and finally feel free to be your authentic self and enjoy a freedom-filled lifestyle. Live like a Modern Goddess: Strong, Healthy BODY. Clear, Present MIND. Free, Aligned SOUL and SPIRIT.
Modern Goddess Blueprint | 6 Month Life Coaching Mastery Intensive
This is a virtual Body + Mind + Soul spiritual alignment 6 month private coaching mastery intensive for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices for the rest of your life.